Owner's Manual

This Manual Contains Important Product and Safety Information About Vladiballs

Carefully read this manual giving special attention to those items marked bold.

Responbilities of the Owner

1. Use your Vladiball ONLY with a responsible ball master who knows how to fly the ball properly.
2. Learn about your local DZ regulations and dangers related to skyball jumping. You MUST get approval from the DZ you are at prior to using a Vladiball on a jump.

3. Take all reasonable precautions in the use and operation of your Vladiball.
4. It is the Vladiball owner's responsibility to provide the proper type of extra weight for the ball assembly.
5. Review your fold out "Vladiball Instructions" pictorial included in box for detailed instructions on how to prepare your Vladiball for use before each ball jump.

Tips/Helpful Information

Compared to the human body, Vladiball is lightweight object and is more sensitive to turbulence and skydiver's body induced side airstreams.
Those facts produce easy but existing "vladiball personality" that most skydivers enjoy very much.
For freeflying, Vladiball (with shot) should be weighing 1.3 lbs, (590 grams) falls at ~155 MPH.
Belly flying works best with a Vladiball weighing 1.0 lb. (455 grams).
New Vladiball provides enough internal space so that a ball could be filled with steel shot only and still reach freefly speeds.
Most well supplied sportsman gun shops carry shot in 25lb. bags for around $16. (about 64 cents worth will fill the ball).
List of possible *"ground safe" fillers: #8 or #9 shot ---- Search: "steel shot" or "shot" on internet.
These “ground safe” fillers have Terminal Velocities ranging from 8mph-17mph.
In comparison, those pesky tennis balls burn in at 155mph-175mph.
Trying to place weighted objects in Vladiball that exceed .075 (2mm) of diameter for lead shot and 3mm for steel shot will DEFEAT the purpose of this product.
Skydive with Vladiball only when the temperature at the DZ (ground) is between 15°C and 40°C (59°F and 104°F).

Some Of The Vladiball Rules Established In Drop Zones World Wide

1) Vladiball jumpres exit first. 2) Only one Vladiball in each airplane.
3) For enhanced safety, never jump over populated area.
4) Ball jumpers are required to report every unsuccessful ball jump (loss of the ball) to the manifest.

Ball master & student:
1) Ball master could be a person with minimum 500 jumps who can catch the ball at least 3 times in one jump.
2) Ball student could be a person with minimum of 200 skydives.

Product instructions and warnings

Parachuting and skyball jumping are high risk activities that can result in serious injury or death.
Skydiving is fun and challenging but involves inherent risks of injury or death. To increase your enjoyment of the sport and to reduce your risks, use common sense and follow these guidelines:

Vladiball Safety Code

2 Nevers To Remember

Never Fly Above Vladiball
Never Chase Vladiball Below 4000ft (1200m)

It is recommended however, that you end your ball jump (catch the ball) at 5000 ft.

How To Treat Your vladiball

With proper care your Fluid Arts Vladiball should last up to 4 years depending on its treatment and environment. Follow these tips and your Vladiball will be your best friend.

1. Inspect your Vladiball for damage and worn parts before every jump.
2. The ball is somewhat fragile to squeezing, especially when full of weight. Whenever you have loaded Vladiball in your hands, try not to shear it,
but to gently press ball's halves one into another.
3. Vladiball membrane should last up to 4 years. Inspect periodically for cracks. If your Vladiball has a crack in the membrane, the system will leak and the needle will not protrude
to lock the ball. In this case, ABORT the ball jump and stow ball in your pocket.
4. Do not let your Vladiball come into contact with petroleum chemicals. These can react with ball materials and damage the product.


Use of this product and participation in the sport involves inherent risks of injury or death.
To reduce risks:

Never attempt to fly the ball beyond your skills. Beginners should seek a skilled ball master to jump the ball with.
Use the correct weight for your intended fall rate.
Not fastening cylinder valve (screw) well enough may cause premature deployment.
Colliding with Vladiball may increase the possibility of premature deployment.
Attempting to slap the Vladiball during freefall may increase the possibility of premature deployment.
Squeezing the Vladiball too tightly may increase the possibility of premature deployment.